Importance of Local Keywords

Local keywords in website is very much important if you want to achieve higher keyword rankings using local keywords. But you have to remember just filling page with local keywords never works well, so use keywords smartly and increase the possibility to achieve higher keyword rankings by local keywords.

You can add local keywords in below listed places:

  • Title Tags
  • Description Tags
  • Keyword Tags
  • Quality Contents
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Footer

It’s always best to create a landing page of each city or go for wordpress blog (recommended) as it’s easy to manage things on blog due to some useful features like Tags, Categories, Pages & Posts.

Lets take an Example: If you are running an Attorney Firm in New York and can serve clients thru-out New York then it’s best to create separate pages or posts in Blog by city names and play with local keywords using above mentioned techniques. Category, Tag & Page or Post URL’s looks like following:

Page or Post URL’s

Category URL’s

Tag URL’s

Once blog is indexed by Google, due to quality content possibilities are there that your site starts coming in Google by some local keywords.

Note: Many other factors plays a vital role in keyword rankings so above factors must not be taken for granted and can be used after taking advice from Local SEO Expert but it’s worth to try it once. :)

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Local SEO + SEO Blog = Happy SME’s

Business listing in Google Places, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps and local business directories are must for small business owners. It’s an effective way to increase visibility  of website in search engines as traffic starts coming once business listings are live. Another way to increase website visibility is by adding a wordpress blog in website. These two simple steps can do wonders, many of our client hire us for Local SEO and SEO Blog and as such now results are amazing. :)

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