Local Listing FAQ

Question 1 – How Much Time AddLocalListing.com Takes in Submitting Business in Local Maps & Directories?
Answer 1 – It totally depends on volume of work we have, normally we get back to all our clients within 2 working days.

Question 2 – We are listed on Google Map or a particular directory but not on all directories?
Answer 2 – In case you are listed over a particular listing we just skip it and add your business in other local directories.

Question 3 – What About Verification Process in Local Maps and Local Directories?
Answer 3 – We only do submissions, all verifications is to be completed from your side. There are two ways to confirm listings: Verification by Telephone or Verification using postcard with verification code in it. In both cases you get a code from maps and directories, only need is to login once and enter this code. That’s it…

Question 4 – How Much Time These Directories Takes to List Business?
Answer 4 – Normally after verifying listing within a week these directories list business in listings. Yet these directories promise to list business within 2-3 weeks.

Question 5 – What Information is Needed to Enter Business in Maps and Local Directories?
Answer 5 – We need following details from your side:

Question 6 – Whether AddLocalListing.com provide any sort of guarantees?
Answer 6 – No, AddLocalListing.com is only providing services to list business over local maps and local directories. We send you reports of submissions once work is completed. Later on you have to verify your business on your own as you receive phone call on your phone or post card at your address, hence we can’t do anything in that. Yet if you need any assistance we are always there to Help!