Importance of Keywords in Local SEO

Choosing keywords for Local Business is one of the tedious task but it’s not so difficult to find best keywords for Local SEO. Need is to analyze things properly and try to find out best keywords which suits your business.

Tips to Find Best Keywords for Local Business
1. Prepare a list of keywords which best suits your niche.
2. Check local keyword competition or search volume using various online tools.
3. Use combination of state, city, county, zip code and keywords in your website. You can use keywords like this: City + Keyword, Keyword + City, State + Keyword, Keyword + State etc.
4. Use keywords which are highly searched over web with less competition. Prepare a list and use these local keywords in Local SEO.
5. Check what your competitors are doing and local keyword they are targeting. Also check number of local listings for a local keyword.
6. If you are running a real estate company and your customers are in surrounding of Los Angeles then no point to target high competition keywords like real estate company, real estate as it’s quite hard to achieve higher rankings by “real estate company” or “real estate” alone.
7. If your business was not listed over Google Places, Yahoo Map, Bing Map, first of all list your business and try to enhance you listings over Google Places, Yahoo Maps and Bing maps.
8. Submit your listings in Local Business Directories and use local keywords while mentioning keywords, tags in local directories and Maps.

Lots more can be discussed as finding best keyword is one of the main task in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Try to cover up more points in upcoming posts.

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