Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO is one of the most important factor as Search Engine like Google re-brand it’s Local Business Centre into Google Places and start showing local results in Google Maps, Google also keep on adding new features like Google Instant Previews , Google Hotpot and other features. Yahoo and Bing also start showing local results based on local searches.

This is how Top 3 Search Engines shows results when user search for “car insurance los angeles”

Google Results: car insurance los angeles

Yahoo Results: car insurance los angeles

Bing Results: car insurance los angeles

Business Listings in Local Business Directories is also important as Search Engines also starts showing reviews posted over Local directories.

Local SEO my includes below listed services:

  1. Listing and Claiming of Business over Google Place, Yahoo Map and Bing Map.
  2. Listing and Claiming of Business over Local Business Directories.
  3. Choosing Best Categories that suits your Business.
  4. Increasing Number of Citations.
  5. Choosing Meta Tags properly in order to achieve Local Keyword Rankings.
  6. Motivating customers to post reviews on Google Places, Yahoo Map, Bing Map and other Local Business Directories.
  7. Smartly using keywords in Title and Description of Google Places, Yahoo Map and Bing Map.
  8. Doing on-page optimization of website keeping best local keywords in mind.
  9. Increasing incoming links by doing off-page promotions.
  10. Using business logo and business images in order to enhance business listings.
  11. Using Videos in order to enhance business listings.
  12. Adding Maps on Contact us Page.
  13. Using State / City in URL (preferabbly keyword rich URL’s).
  14. Using State / City in Meta Tags (Title, Description, Tags).
  15. Internal Linking over Local Keywords.
  16. Distributing Videos in Video Hosting sites.
  17. Using Coupons in Google Places.
  18. Mentioning Complete Address in Whois.
  19. Spreading a word about business using Article Marketing and Social Bookmarking.
  20. Creating Landing Pages (Using Keyword Rich Contents and URL’s).
  21. Creating Blog Networks.
  22. Many more services can be included in Local SEO, Contact us if you like Hire a Local SEO Expert in reasonable rates.