Small Business SEO

It’s not affordable for small business to hire a SEO company in order to achieve organic rankings as it’s not an easy task due to competition in every field, SEM is also not an affordable solutions due to high CPC rates here also competition plays a vital role as others are making efforts to get targeted traffic.

Other then this many SEO companies are looking for quick bucks and do submissions in “spammy” sites. On-Page Optimization and Off Page Promotions both are implemented jointly in order to get results. But no one can guarantee about results as keyword rankings depends on lots of other factors also.

Small Business Local Listing
It’s must for Small Businesses to list over Google Places, yahoo Map, Bing map and other Local Directories. This is one of the cost effective method as it’s free to do submissions. Local Listing is one of the basic steps but initially in starting it can bring some business visibility over web. Moreover as you are listing your business in maps and local directories hence you have more chances to get local traffic or leads.

If you are interested to list your business and stuck somewhere feel free to contact us. In case you don’t want to take any pain and want us to list your business then we can do it for you. Check Buy Local Business Listings to list your business in all major search engines and local business directories.

We can also help you in enhancing your local listings so feel free to contact us for bulk listing work or if you like us to do search engine optimization or optimizing your website or local listings.

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