Convert Viewers into Customers

Converting viewers into customers is not an easy task. Doing SEO, SEM, SMM, Internet Marketing or even Viral Marketing can bring traffic BUT it doesn’t means that your sales starts increasing if traffic is increasing, traffic can increase some sales but in real your sales increases if viewers can view positive review about your company product or services.

Google Map Listings or Google Places along with Yahoo Map, Bing Map and other local directories allows users to review business based upon their experience. Once you have positive reviews in your listings your sales starts increasing as positive reviews build a sort of goodwill about company and viewers always wants to know the feedback of previous buyers.

Check Some of the Listings with Positive Reviews:
Local SEO, Local Listing, Google Maps

[googleMap name=”206 South Robertson Boulevard” description=”Beverly Hills Chiropractic Group” width=”600″ height=”300″]Beverly Hills, CA[/googleMap]

Bing Map – Bing Local Listings

Bing Map is also one of the main mapping services allowing business owners to add business listings free of cost. It’s a web mapping service provided as a part of Microsoft’s Bing suite of search engines one of the 3rd most popular search engine over web.

Like Google and Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps also start showing Maps in case of local searches (but not in case of all keywords). For example: A user searching for a Plumbing related services in Los Angeles, search for “Los Angeles Plumbing” in Bing.

Bing Map – Los Angeles Plumbing
Bing Map, Bing Map Listing, Bing Local Listing

Now this is what Bing shows in Bing Search:
Bing Map Listing, Bing Map Listings

You can hire us to list your business in Bing Map Listing.