How to get Local Traffic or Local Leads?

In our opinion it’s best to hire some SEO expert or SEO company as they know how to do it exactly. Local Traffic or Local Leads can be achieved by optimizing website using local keywords, using location name in keywords and doing off page promotions. Some other options includes Social Media Marketing in particular Facebook and Forum Promotions. If you are not sure how to do optimized website for local keywords hire a SEO company.

Other then this it’s sure if you just add your business in Google Places, Yahoo Map, Bing Map and Other Local Directories like,,,, etc it’s sure results starts coming as these places are some of the best sources used by users to get information about Local Companies and products in a particular region. So what are you waiting for start adding your business in these places it’s absolutely FREE. Like mentioned above if you feel it’s difficult or don’t have much time to dedicate on adding business then Add Local Listing (Local Marketing, Local SEO, Local Search Engine Optimization) provides services which list your business in Google Places, Yahoo Map, Bing Map and Local Directories (one time).