Enhance Your Business Listing in Google Places

It’s important to enhance your business listings in Google Places or Google maps as Google.com is one of the most popular search engine over web.

Steps to Your Business Listing in Google Places

  1. Claim or List Your Business in Google Places – This is one of the basic step, if your business is already listed in Google Places claim it if it’s not listed then List Your Business in Google Places (places.google.com/business)
  2. Use Complete Address and Phone Numbers – It’s always best to use complete address in Google Places, Local numbers always works well instead of toll-free number.
  3. Description – Add a description which best describe your business, no need to add repetetive kewywords in Description as it may penalizing your listing.
  4. Choose Categories that Best Suits Your Niche – One of the most important step which may plays a vital role in rankings. Google Places gives suggestions it’s always best to choose suggested categories, you can choose categories of your choice also.
  5. List Your Primary or Main Website – Many business have more then one website, in that case list your main website in Google Places.
  6. Add Photos and Videos – Try to improve user experience, it may helps a lot when your prospective clients visit your Google Places page.
  7. Add Additional Details to Your Listing – Add custom details in your business listings. Check this link for more info: Additional Details
  8. Coupons – Give Special Discounts to Potential Customers.
  9. Reviews – Encourage users to post reviews over your Business Listing (don’t SPAM).
  10. List Your Business in Yahoo Map, Bing Map and Other Local Business Directories – Listings that include local address info (SuperPages.com, YellowPages.com, CitySearch.com, etc.)

Sponsored Links in Google Maps

Now you can buy advertising space in the ‘Sponsored Links’ sections of the Google Maps search results pages. Sponsored links are links to websites that pay for placement next to Google Maps search results.

Most important fact is these Sponsored ads or links are coming in Normal web search in 10 Box Listings. One can imagine easily importance of getting local visibility or exposure using these Ads or links.

Check Screenshot of Sponsored Link: