Local Business Listing and Optimizing Listings

Listing a business over top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and local directories is one things and must for all businesses who wants to take advantage of getting targeted leads from web. Websites is not necessary as in case of Google Places and some other listings you don’t need a website as you can add your business details, address, phone number, photos, videos, discounts, events and coupons on your Google Places Pages. Google also introduce free photo shoot of your business but it’s available in selected cities   of US, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Check our previous post on Google Photo Shoot of Your Business.

Once listings is live over Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Maps and Local Directories. Then you can start focusing on enhancing your listing or optimizing your local business listings. This is one of the main step that can show impact on placement of your listings in search engines. Optimizing Local Listings includes keep on adding and updating photos, videos, events, coupons, offers, discounts and other useful information that can be important for customers. Encouraging existing clients to add positive reviews also helps a lot. Many more techniques can be used which can boost up your rankings in search engines.

Here are some screen shots of localized results of “car insurance los angeles” over Top 3 Search Engines (Google Places, Yahoo Local & Bing Maps).

Google Places Listing -> Keyword: car insurance los angeles

Yahoo Local Listing -> Keyword: car insurance los angeles

Bing Map Listing -> Keyword: car insurance los angeles

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